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What is Grounded Growth?  Why should you join us?

Why should you join Grounded Growth?
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Farmers that want to . . .

— Build value-adding relationships with food companies
— Continuously improve their operations
— Seek ways to use more biology and less chemistry in their farming practices
— Balance long-term sustainability investments with short-term costs
— Become more than a commodity

Businesses that want to . . .

— Talk directly with farmers that could be their suppliers
— Stand out from the competition crowd
— Build emotional connections with their consumers
— Find an affordable, hassle-free way to help restore the earth
— Build and run a purpose-driven business


So often, we farmers have no connetion with the people that decide how our crops are turned into food – or the end consumer who is now so interested in farming. The chance to become more than a commodity – but a partner with food companies that share our reverence for regenerative agriculture, is extremely valuable.

Justin Knopf, Knopf Farms

Our partnership with Grounded Growth expands on our core company principles. It allows us to partner with farmers to play a role in building a balanced, regenerative farming system that sustains the soil’s capacity to produce, creates nutrient-dense food, and truly makes a positive impact on the world.
Our support of regenerative agriculture elevates our commitment to consumers.

Cecilia Ciarlo, Bella Gluten-Free

We started our journey by creating a healthier-for-you pizza crust. The next logical goal for us was to reduce our carbon footprint. Through the Grounded Growth partnership we are able to support the expansion of regenerative agriculture — which reduces the climate impact on the world. Now every time a consumer buys one of our products, they will not only be eating healthier but helping heal the planet.

Jennifer Kocher, Around the World Gourmet
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