How do we take regeneratively-grown wheat in our network and turn it into an artisanal flour that can tell the story of our farmers, our network – and our practical approach to regenerative?  We need the help of people with logistical expertise and connections to mills that could become a partner.

Thankfully, that is what we have found in one of our newer community members, Penny Newman Grain represented by @mattbnicoletti in our community.

Check out the members-only brainstorming call we had with them recently in our community forum.

I know it’s long, but I urge all of you to spend 40 minutes listening to my call with them this week!  Not only will it give you the benefit of their wisdom on how to move our efforts to build regenerative supply-chains forward . . . it will also be a chance to hear me lay out the value-adding path I believe exists for our members — and how with a few simple outcome-based data points, we can create the win-win we all seek!

You can access the call by clicking here.