The Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum conference brought together a truly unique group of stakeholders ranging from  farmers to supply chain companies to consumer products companies to investors.  A number of our Grounded Growth Members were able to  attend a member’s meeting we had co-located with the conference  — as well as stay for the larger summit.

In this video interview,  California members Derek Azevedo – of Bowles Farm, Matt Nicoletti @mattbnicoletti – of  Penny Newman Grain and @Brian Dawson of Harvestport share their insights and key take-aways from both our meeting and the larger conference.

Stay tuned for other interviews with members  who attended to be added next week as well.

Topics discussed include:

  • Nutrient density testing
  • Strong interest from investors
  • Cherry farm case study shared at the conference
  • Impressions from General Mills and Indigo ag presentations
  • How California / fresh growers and Midwest / grain growers can learn from each other to help capture value from emerging regenerative value-added streams

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