Module 1 Orientation - The Value of This Course
Unit 1 Course Overview: A Path Toward Adding Value
Unit 2 A Roadmap for Farmers
Module 2 LEARN
Unit 1 Get To Know Your Potential Customers
Unit 2 Understand the "Regenerative Consumer"
Unit 3 How Gen Z Makes Regenerative Farmers More Valuable to Brands
Unit 4 The Value Regenerative Farm Data Provides the Supply-Chain
Unit 1 Identify Your Current Strengths
Unit 2 The Value of Outcomes-Based Testing
Unit 3 Understanding the Value of Nutrient Density Testing
Unit 4 Finding a Niche
Module 4 ENGAGE
Unit 1 Use Our Engagement Tools
Unit 2 Prepare Your Data -- Share It Wisely
Unit 3 Prepare & Share Your Message
Module 5 ENHANCE
Unit 1 Preparing To Be A Partner
Unit 2 Launch or Optimize the RIGHT Social Media Channels
Module 6 EXECUTE
Unit 1 Concrete Steps Brands and Farms Can Take Together
Unit 2 Adding a Rice Mill to the Farm? -- Adam Chappell
Unit 3 Explore Becoming a Direct Supplier -- Lucas Criswell
Unit 4 Sign A Contract
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