Welcome to our regenerative learning course.  Here we provide information both about regenerative agriculture and the process we use to build regenerative partnership projects.  Your membership in this online community enables you to apply for participation in a regenerative partnership project with us (for an additional fee).  After viewing this content, if you are interested in learning more about adding this feature to your business or farm, please contact us!

Even if you decide not to apply for a regenerative agriculture project with us right now, this information will help you understand an important emerging trend in the natural food space and perhaps give you some ideas of how to add this trend into your business on your own.

Although this content is laid out in an online course format, you do not have to complete a unit to move on.  Feel free to skip around and watch/read content that appeals to you at your own pace.

As with all our content, we'd love to get your questions and comments about what you see here in our online community forum.

Module 1 What is Regenerative Agriculture?
Unit 1 Does Regenerative Have to be Organic?
Unit 2 Defining Regenerative Agriculture - Farmer Perspective
Unit 3 Defining Regenerative Agriculture - Environmentalist Perspective
Unit 4 Why Is Reduced or No-Till Planting So Important to Regenerative Agriculture?
Module 2 See Regenerative Farming In Action
Unit 1 Maintain a Living Root - Even In Dry Climates
Module 3 Key Benefits: Why Is This So Important?
Unit 1 The Chance to Create Healthier Food
Unit 2 The Role of Processing in Bringing Better Nutrition To Consumers
Unit 3 Important to the Planet
Module 4 The Grounded Growth Approach
Unit 1 Why Farmers Need Help -- Farmer Perspective
Unit 2 A Common Sense Approach
Unit 3 Is Regenerative Agriculture a Process or an End State?
Module 5 Case Study
Unit 1 Case Study Overview
Unit 2 Part 1: The Participants & Why They Did the Project
Unit 3 Part 2: The Regenerative Practice
Module 6 Background - Meet the Content Contributors
Unit 1 Meet the Founder: Sara Harper
Unit 2 Meet Our Director of Agriculture: Justin Knopf
Unit 3 Meet Carbon Underground Founder, Larry Kopald
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