This section provides easy access to the latest and greatest messaging on regenerative agriculture and the Grounded Growth partnership process.  While we share a wider selection of messaging in the Community Forum Gallery, this section is reserved for the images and videos that have received the greatest number of views and engagement from our audience.  In this section, you have access to messages that have proven already to be engaging.

Consumer surveys show that when regenerative agriculture is explained, it is very popular with consumers.  We all need to be part of continuing to educate the public (consumers) about the potential this way of farming holds -- so that there is a market to support all our work together!

Another great messaging resource to point people to is our public Vimeo video channel.

If you have messaging (videos, social media posts, pictures) you would like to share with the community, please email it to

Module 1 Regenerative Minute Videos
Unit 1 Download Regenerative Minute Videos
Unit 2 Telling Our Stories: Video Channel Trailer
Module 2 About Grounded Growth
Unit 1 Our Path Forward - Infographic
Unit 2 Why Join Grounded Growth - Explainer Video
Unit 3 Our Process
Unit 4 Our Roadmap
Module 3 Consumer + Influencer Messaging
Unit 1 Let Grounded Growth Share Your Story
Unit 2 Our Favorite Social Media Posts
Unit 3 What Is Regenerative Agriculture? - Image
Unit 4 Why the World Needs Grounded Growth - Video
Unit 5 Why Farmers Need Help Expanding Regenerative Agriculture - Video
Unit 6 Soil Health Quote - Image
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