Grounded Growth is working with it’s partner, Around the World Gourmet (ATWG) to bring regenerative rice into their supply-chain. We introduced and facilitated a relationship for ATWG with a hospital that is now buying their pizza crusts because of their support for regenerative agriculture and their stated intent to bring regenerative ingredients into their product!!

Can we all just take a moment to celebrate this big step forward!!!!

Adam Chappell is the rice farmer at the center of this exciting pilot project. As we have explored how to build this farm-to-consumer partnership — the role of on-farm processing quickly came into focus as a possible way to speed up the partnership and reduce costs.

In this video interview, you can hear from Adam how he’s thinking about this opportunity and why he believes it is a worth-while step to take.

I highly recommend all in the community take 20 minutes to hear about a very important element in capturing value at the farm level — and a critical piece of making small company projects work — on-farm processing!

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