Yes.  Our community is about building partnerships, not facilitating transactions.

For a partnership to be successful, you need to get to know each other — and identify some common values and goals that will ground the relationship – and make it last.  That is why the first step in our partnership process, is for everyone to join our online community and fill out your profile in our online forum.

Additionally, our online community contains instructional videos about our regenerative partnership process that you would need to watch prior to deciding if this option is right for you.  Being a member of the online community gives you the ability to learn at your own pace.

Finally, good communities can only thrive when everyone gives something.  Your membership fee helps us build and keep adding more value to this community — but it is also a chance for you to demonstrate the kind of reciprocal spirit that we believe is a prerequisite for lasting partnerships.  By sharing your wisdom, helping answer other member questions and providing feedback and support to the community, you can build a reputation within our community that can help others trust you and your business more fully.