How will joining this community help my business?2018-11-06T15:27:11-05:00
  • Connect Across the Supply-Chain
  • Explore a Top Trend
  • Build Together
  • Resources that Support Small Business Growth

First, you will have the ability to begin making beneficial relationships across the supply chain. ¬†If you are a business that wants to explore a direct-sourcing relationship with a farmer, there are few places like this online community to begin researching that option — and meeting people that are not within your supply chain segment. ¬†If you are a farmer that wants to move beyond being a commodity grower, here is the place you can learn what the market wants — and make relationships that can evolve into partnerships.

Second, joining this community provides you with an opportunity to learn about one of the fastest-growing mission-based trends in the food sector (and beyond): regenerative agriculture. ¬†For less than the cost of attending a conference ABOUT this amazing trend, you can learn about it at your own pace — and meet farmers in our online forum, who are practicing it. ¬†You can also explore our regenerative partnership process and evaluate for yourself the value of adding a regenerative farmer brand ambassador to your marketing strategy.

Third, this community also provides access to the Grounded Growth team of fellow small business owners and resources partners.  We share with you our tips and tricks for improving your business across all the areas that you are likely used to managing all by yourself: finance, marketing, operations, supply-chain management. Also, the resource partners that are supporting this community will share their expertise and exclusive offers for our membership.

Do I have to join the online community before I can participate in a partnership project?2018-11-06T15:49:17-05:00

Yes.  Our community is about building partnerships, not facilitating transactions.

For a partnership to be successful, you need to get to know each other — and identify some common values and goals that will ground the relationship – and make it last. ¬†That is why the first step in our partnership process, is for everyone to join our online community and fill out your profile in our online forum.

Additionally, our online community contains instructional videos about our regenerative partnership process that you would need to watch prior to deciding if this option is right for you.  Being a member of the online community gives you the ability to learn at your own pace.

Finally, good communities can only thrive when everyone gives something. ¬†Your membership fee helps us build and keep adding more value to this community — but it is also a chance for you to demonstrate the kind of reciprocal spirit that we believe is a prerequisite for lasting partnerships. ¬†By sharing your wisdom, helping answer other member questions and providing feedback and support to the community, you can build a reputation within our community that can help others trust you and your business more fully.

How much does it cost to participate in a regenerative partnership project?2018-11-06T15:49:35-05:00

For questions regarding the benefits and fees for our regenerative partnership projects, please email us and request a time for a call.  We would love to hear from you!

Please click the contact us button below and put in a request, or email us directly: info@ourgroundedgrowth.com

How would a farmer serve as a brand ambassador for my business?2018-11-06T12:20:06-05:00

Most people are far removed from direct knowledge of farming. ¬†Unlike previous generations, younger consumers today don’t have an uncle, aunt or grandparent they can go visit and experience the farm first-hand. ¬†Perhaps because of this, there is an increasing interest — and even a hunger for getting connected to farming and farmers.

As part of our regenerative partnership project (which you will learn all about once you join our online community), farmers serve as brand ambassadors for the business that sponsor the expansion of regenerative practices on their farm. ¬†They capture and share on social media the whole journey — and businesses have access to this messaging gold to share through their social media and marketing channels as well. ¬†Below are some examples form our first project to give you an idea of how it works. ¬†Of course, you can always ask more questions about this topic in our online community



What is an example of your regenerative partnership process?2018-11-06T15:47:22-05:00

We are so glad you asked!  Joining our online community is step one and lays the foundation for building trust and learning about the kind of regenerative partnerships we facilitate.  To get an idea of what our full regenerative partnerships look like, please read our case study.  Below is an infographic that summarizes our approach.  Once you join our online community, you will have access to instructional videos that provide detail about each step in our process.