Farm Roadmap: The Value of Outcomes-Based Testing

We recently added the Farm Roadmap course to help members in our network understand how farmers can move from commodity growers to value-added ingredient providers . . .  for the brands in our network, the roadmap is a good way to understand how a farm can become business partner that adds significant value.

Regenerative supply-chains could have the ability to add value to brands that help to build them — but they too will need to be able to measure what “regenerative” is in a way that doesn’t add too much cost and yet, provides strong integrity.

Our view is that using outcomes-based tests is a great way for a farm and a brand to work together to verify the added value they bring to the consumer without over-burdening either side of the supply-chain.  This unit provides an overview some of the potentially most mutually-beneficial outcomes-based tests.

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Sara is a passionate advocate for #RegenerativeAgriculture and the partnership economy. Over the past 20 years, Sara has developed deep expertise in the intersecting areas of agriculture and climate change — and of business and sustainability. She has worked on these issues from positions in the private, public and non-profit sectors.