Farmers: Identify Your Current Strengths — Farm Roadmap

What value can you provide now?

In previous units of the Farm Roadmap, you will have learned about the things that are important to your future customer.  As a farmer using regenerative practices, you have the potential to add value to their businesses — but exactly which things are perceived to add the most value to a brand?

Of course, this will vary from one brand to another, but we want to help you understand what is generally important to this sector. With this information, you can assess and prioritize changes you may make in your operation if you want to pursue a partnership.

This unit will help you identify your current value in two ways:

  1. List of valued traits.  A list of top traits that brands in the natural products space are likely to find valuable right now. If your operation aligns with some of these traits, you should emphasize that on your profile and in your interaction with brands in our forum.
  2. Self-assessment survey. This survey will result in a farm profile for you. This is your information and we will not share it with anyone else unless you give us permission. It helps us to match you with potential brand partners (depending on which path you select). It also helps you think through which partnership type — or value-adding pathway you would like to select within our community

To see the list of traits and access the self-assessment survey, click the link below to take you to this unit in the Farm Roadmap Course.





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