Be sure to join us for our Monthly Members Call — which we hold the first Friday of each month at 10:30am eastern time — this Friday!  This is a chance for us to talk together  live – and to get to know more about the expertise and interests of other members in the community.

This Friday, we are lucky enough to hear from 2 of our new food company members and a freelance writer that covers the regenerative agriculture topic (among others in the farming space).

Please join us!  Information for the call is in our Events section — housed on the right side of the main Community Forum.


            • Update on emerging opportunities within our community
            • Interview of new brand member, Semolina Artisanal Pasta @Leah Ferrazanni
            • Interview of new brand partner, Planet Forward
            • Interview of freelance farmer-turned-writer, Georgie Smith @Georgie Smith