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Thank you for your interest in joining Grounded Growth!

We are about the business of re-connecting the ends of the supply chain that have been removed from one another.  We believe this is necessary to realize the potential of regenerative agriculture — a way of farming that restores natural resources rather than depleting them. 

We believe that building relationships and establishing long-term partnerships are critical parts of scaling up regenerative farming because they help mitigate the risk and cost of shifting to an entirely different paradigm.  This new way of growing and making our food can help restore our natural resources, heal the planet, improve the health of our food, rebuild rural communities and restore consumer trust. 

We create regenerative partnerships, not regenerative transactions.

As such, building and maintaining our culture is a top priority.  While we would love to welcome everyone in, we are also committed to protecting the culture that reflects our values.  Please answer this brief survey to help us assess if you would be a good fit for our community.


Below are the membership options.  Once approved, you will be provided with the link to the registration page.

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