Always-On Networking & Support Year-Round — Without the Big Conference Pricetag! 

Your membership includes:

  • 24/7 access to our online video and document library (including recorded monthly members calls and expert interviews)
  • Monthly Builder Member Calls — featuring interviews and networking opportunities with top experts, farmers and brands bringing regenerative to market
  • Market updates and access to emerging ingredient supplier market opportunities through our brand partners
  • Private podcast — bringing our best protected content to you in an easy-to-access podcast format
  • Online regenerative summit — participate and view recorded sessions
  • Profile page — describe yourself and your business and share information with potential partners
  • Engage in our Private Forum — Ask questions and discuss key topics from soil health to small business improvement with others committed to continuous improvement
  • Strategic Farm Roadmap — Online video course providing background knowledge and strategy recommendations for bringing regenerative to market
  • Expert Interview Videos — go deep on topics like defining and measuring regenerative agriculture
  • Social Media Messaging —  download our original messaging that explains regenerative agriculture for use on your website and social media channels

“Our farm is an open book. We want to have more of a conversation stream with consumers. But I honestly haven’t known how to do that, we’re so busy farming. Nobody is doing what Sara has done with Grounded Growth. She makes the connections for regenerative farmers to the brands and the consumers,”

–Derek Axten, a Grounded Growth member. Axten farms ancient grains, pulses and legumes in Saskatchewan, Canada.

We Help You Bring Regenerative to Market

Our members-only website is like a private version of Facebook or Linked-In focused only on regenerative — paired with a “Nerdy Netflix” of expert videos.  We use these tools + our expertise and connections to help you meet your goals!

— Minus all the negativity that comes with public forums. 

Experience Fueled By Passion

Grounded Growth is led by founder Sara (Hessenflow) Harper — putting her 20 years of experience and connections to work for members!

Growing up in rural Kansas with farmers on both sides of her family, Sara has been rooted in and passionate about agriculture her whole life.  Sara has worked on agriculture, environmental and sustainability issues in the United States Senate, for the non-profit group Environmental Defense Fund and as a corporate sustainability consultant to numerous agribusinesses and agricultural associations in the private sector.

Rules of the Road . . .

Grounded Growth has built an inclusive, diverse culture focused on continuous improvement and constructive engagement in support of regenerative agriculture.  Our culture is a BIG part of what enables us to help members move forward with the difficult task of building new supply chain connections.  Initially, we required an approval process to ensure a good fit.  But now that we are established, we are excited to open the doors to anyone who wants to engage.

If you join Grounded Growth, you are agreeing to follow our Code of Conduct, which guides how we interact with each other online, in meetings and at events.  If you violate the code of conduct, you will receive a warning and if violations continue, you will be removed from the community.