Think of our online community as a house — and clubs are separate rooms that focus on specific topic areas or projects.  There are two kinds of clubs — public and closed.  For more on closed clubs — see our clubs feature description in the Getting Started section.

Public clubs are those that are open to any member of our community — and allow members to interact with a specific expert on a topic area we have deemed highly valuable for the community to focus on.

Today we are launching our first public club — the Rhizoterra Room, a space we have created for all members to ask questions and seek feedback from Dr. Jill Clapperton, a soil scientist and owner of Rhizoterra, a company that provides information for farmers about applying science to expand their regenerative farming practices.

You can access the club by first clicking on Community Forums from the main dashboard, then clicking on the Clubs section.

Learn all about our clubs feature and how to use it by watching this 8-minute video.