As a benefit of Grounded Growth membership, any member can access content focused on nutrient density testing and its connection to regenerative agriculture and human health.
You can access long-form interviews as well as our short 1-minute videos with the lead researcher in this field, Dr. Jill Clapperton in our Clubs section where you will find a club devoted to her company, Rhizoterra Room.  In addition to viewing this content, this club provides a forum where you can ask questions of Dr. Jill Clapperton — a top soil health scientist who focuses on helping farms expand regenerative farming.
Dr. Clapperton will be providing nutrient density testing at a discount for Grounded Growth members.  Stay tuned for her submission form coming soon.   Any Grounded Growth member can join this club —  and given the importance that nutrient density has to help farmers and brands capture value from regenerative farming, we recommend you all do that!

CLICK HERE to access Nutrient Density Content from Dr. Clapperton