I’m happy to report that we will soon be adding a new brand to our community – making our total 5 brands now!  We are also having discussions with chefs and restaurants that could lead to ingredient creation opportunities.  They are each looking  for different ingredients and we are trying to find ways to facilitate relationships that can result in supply-chain partnerships.  To do that, we need a deeper level of understanding about where you are on our farm roadmap process and specifically – what varieties and amounts you are growing and what regenerative benefits / outcomes you can provide.

Specifically, we have brands now looking for the following ingredients:

  • Wheat (for crackers and pasta)
  • Corn (for tortilla chips and corn bread mix)
  • Rice (for gluten-free flour into a pizza crust)
  • Sweet Potatoes  (for use in a chip)

So…… for all you growers interested in working with a brand – I really need you to fill out the Regenerative Farm Data document and submit it to me ASAP!   This will help  me identify what you can offer the brand and make appropriate introductions.

Even if you are growing/raising crops or livestock not on this list, I highly recommend you fill out the form and submit it to me so that I know what you have to offer as I talk with more brands and food service institutions.

For brands and other non-farm members, this is FYI for you – but I wanted you to be aware of this exciting progress!

If you don’t have all the answers, that’s fine – just write in “none” – but this will give me a great idea of what’s  available in our network now without having to repeatedly call everyone.

As a reminder –  we do not share this data with the brand or anyone else without your written permission and we never sell your data.  If  you’d rather share data in a different way, please send me an email and let me know.

The value of sharing this data with Grounded Growth, and not the brand directly right away is that this data is part of the deliverable you will provide as a supply-chain partner after you secure a deal — it is a big part of what will help you receive a premium price for what you can provide.  However, a brand needs to have a high-level understanding of what you can deliver (in terms of data as well as crop/ingredient) – which is what we will provide to them.

With the weather turning cold now, you should all have some time to do this.  THIS is what you joined Grounded Growth for — opportunities like this — so please, as Jerry McGuire once said, “HELP ME, HELP  YOU!”


Here’s a link to the form:  https://form.jotform.com/92345078878169