We have a name for the podcast!  Drum roll please . . . . The name is:

Back to Eden!

What’s behind the name?  We’ve learned from the folks at the Global Ag Network who will be carrying our podcast, that it is important to have a name  that grabs attention and makes people want to learn more . . . while also relating to every episode  — so not too specific, but not too general.

The show will be about building the regenerative economy across all the parts of the supply circle (our term for the supply chain).  It will inform about regenerative agriculture and help the public draw comparisons to the need to restore their own lives . . . in what they choose to eat,  how they choose to do business — and who they choose to do business with.

The show will aim to show regenerative Agriculture as the start of the circle — that moves through processor, manufacturer, brand, retailer and consumer — but will show how all these parts are interconnected, and that without each of us making commitments to a regenerative way of doing business and  living our lives, the concept will not meet its full potential.

The podcast will take the following format:

  • Opener – story or news item to set the theme of the show. Explain how this episode helps take steps toward explaining/building a regenerative economy (the thing that gets us “back to Eden”).
  • Interview with guest that fits with the established theme
  • Call to action: a way to implement regenerative in their life or to learn more


BIG thanks to @BoxHFarm and @Mitchell Hora for doing the first two interviews for the show!!  I really need others in the group to sign up to be interviewed as well!  This podcast is the story of our network and our journey together . . . I can’t do it without you!!

You can sign up for an interview slot on my calendar by clicking here.  Please also let me know you are signing up by sending a quick email to me here.  I will also use snippets of this content for our regenerative minute series as well.

You can see the questions for the interview by clicking here.  We can change or add to these, it is just an outline to help you feel comfortable.  We use Zoom video/audio conference calling to record the calls – but you do not have to be on video if you don’t want  to.

We are hoping to launch the podcast this August!  Stay tuned!!