Recommended Reading List

If you’d like to go deeper into the regenerative agriculture topic, we recommend reading these resources.  Note, we are not paid for recommending these resources — we just found them to be super useful and in line with the direction we are going in building regenerative agriculture partnership projects.  Have a book or resource you’d like to recommend? Send your recommendation to

Learn More About Our Resource Partners

From our very beginning, partnerships have been at the center of what we do, and how we do it.  One of our core beliefs is that the challenges we face today are too complex to solve on our own.  We need to find and work with a robust set of trusted partners both to help our businesses thrive and to tackle some of society’s most complex problems — in our case, problems related to the food supply chain and it’s impact on human health and the environment.

Below you can learn more about some of the businesses that are helping us build this community.  Click on their logo to go to their website and learn still more if you are interested.  If you have a question, they are all members of our online community — so you can ask it here as well.