16 10, 2019

Why You Should Take the Farm Roadmap Course

By |2019-10-16T11:32:47-04:00October 16th, 2019|

Going from a farm or consumer products company that is interested in regenerative to bringing it to market is hard and confusing work.  That's why we created a farm roadmap to guide members through the  process.  Our roadmap gives you the best of our expertise based on real projects going to market now -- plus allows you to learn directly [...]

23 09, 2019

Understanding the Value of Nutrient Density Testing

By |2019-09-23T18:34:41-04:00September 23rd, 2019|

We are lucky enough to have members in our network that are at the forefront of testing regeneratively-grown food for nutrient-density -- AND, a farmer that has had his crops tested! Why is this so important? Because it can help regenerative farmers quantify the value they provide to food company partners -- and help those partners communicate transparently -- the [...]

23 09, 2019

Explore Becoming a Direct Supplier — Lucas Criswell

By |2019-09-23T18:25:05-04:00September 23rd, 2019|

Going from farmer to a direct supply partner takes time.  In this video, farmer member Lucas Criswell shares some of his experience talking with a brand in our community about how to do that. https://vimeo.com/361921664   Return to Course Outline    

3 09, 2019

Adding a Rice Mill to the Farm? — Adam Chappell

By |2019-09-23T18:16:11-04:00September 3rd, 2019|

Grounded Growth is working with it's partner, Around the World Gourmet (ATWG) to bring regenerative rice into their supply-chain.  We introduced and facilitated a relationship for ATWG with a food service institution that is now buying their pizza crusts because of their support for regenerative agriculture and their stated intent to bring regenerative ingredients into their product. Adam Chappell is [...]

28 08, 2019

Finding a Niche

By |2019-08-29T13:48:18-04:00August 28th, 2019|

Finding a niche.  Sounds great, but it is often hard to do.  In this video, Sara shares some of the knowledge she has learned from other members about how they are doing it. Highlights: Add on-farm storage or cleaning capacity Add on-farm processing Experiment with growing a "hot" crop Eliminate something the supply-chain wants gone   https://vimeo.com/356675284 Return to [...]

26 08, 2019

Prepare Your Data — Share It Wisely

By |2019-10-18T17:50:08-04:00August 26th, 2019|

Why You Should Consider Creating a Regenerative Data Outline As you know, data is incredibly important.  And as we discussed in this previous unit, the value of regenerative data to the supply-chain is significant and likely to grow over time.  This is why we recommend spending a little time to take inventory of the data you have that can help [...]

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