As we continue the work of supporting brands and farmers working together to build regenerative supply-chains, a key issue often emerges:  what should be measured and communicated with consumers?

Some folks are taking a comprehensive approach to this.  In our view, that risks spending too much time building out all the metrics, and not enough time bringing it to market and growing the market.  On the other end, there are self-reporting paths that we believe do not provide enough rigor to stand up to charges of green-washing.

In talking with a number of farmers and businesses in our community — as well as other soil health experts, there seems to be agreement that three outcomes-based metrics could hold the right balance of capturing real data without being overly burdensome to any one part of the supply chain.  Another benefit of this approach is that when the farmer and the brand work directly with each other, the outcomes of these tests can be shared directly from the third-party testing agency.  This is important because it can provide verification of the regenerative nature of the crop/ingredient being used without going through another expensive certification process.

We’ve summarized the three outcome measures below.  Remember, there is a feature interview with Dr. Jill Clapperton and Derek Axten on nutrient density testing in our Members Only Update section.  Click here for easy access.

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