We are so glad you are interested in joining the Grounded Growth Online Community! This is a private space where people of good will can learn from each other, help each other grow — and in the process, help build a market for regenerative agriculture and the partnership economy.

One of our top goals with this community, is to build bridges and facilitate partnerships across the supply chain that benefit everyone involved and the planet. To do that, trust must be built and maintained between groups of people that depend on each other’s efforts, but often do not have the opportunity to engage each other.

We believe that if you join this community, you share this goal — and do not intend any ill-will to other community members, but it is sometimes easy to misunderstand what constitutes a trust-breaking activity vs a trust-building one. This is especially true in the era of social media where it is all too easy to type a critical comment that destroys an opportunity to build relationship.

To be clear — this forum is NOT a place to debate the various food and agricultural topics of the day. There are plenty of places to do that. This IS a place to share what you do or what you want in a partnership and why — and either find those able to meet your needs/buy your crops or learn directly from the marketplace about why you might consider making a different decision in the future. Of course, neither of those outcomes could occur as well (we hope not), but what should not occur is using this forum to judge the choices that others are making and to attempt to declare those choices as wrong.

 Grounded Growth Online Community Rules

  1. Within the community, we follow the Chatham House Rule.  Use the information you receive from other community members, but do not disclose the member’s name or business affiliation when sharing that information outside our community unless you have their permission.  This helps us build a trusted community where members can feel free to share helpful, yet sensitive information within the community.  You can refer to information learned from inside our forum as coming from “The Grounded Growth Community.”
  2. Do not demean or attack any of the choices made by other businesses or farmers in the forum.
  3. Do not post material that needs to remain completely confidential in the forum.
  4. Be clear and honest in your profile description. Use your profile to let others know what your “deal breakers” are. If you are a farmer, use your profile to describe the type of farming system you use and share the benefits that system provides. If you are a food company that only wants to work with nonGMO farmers, specify that in your profile. In this way, you can make your preference known without needing to debate the topic in discussion threads.
  5. The primary tone for communications inside our forum should be one of curiosity and support rather than condemnation.
  6. We encourage the discussion of difficult topics — and no topics are off the table for discussion, but we prohibit attacks on other members
  7. While we encourage civil dialogue and discussion on all topics, we discourage prolonged debates on hot-button topics — specifically to include the following:
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Organic vs conventional farming
  • Climate Change Science

Guiding Questions

If you are in doubt about whether you are following our code of conduct, consider these questions in helping you decide how more than what you communicate

— Am I seeking information or trying to prove that I’m right?

— Will this help or hinder potential partnerships?

— Is there a less contentious way to say what I want to say?


As the facilitator of this forum, it is our responsibility to lay out the conduct we expect from our members — and to enforce that code.

Comments will be monitored by Grounded Growth staff.  Other community members may report a comment that they believe violates the rules.  Grounded Growth’s staff will decide if a violation has occurred.  We reserve the right to revoke membership privileges at any time if we feel the offense is intentional and egregious.

If a community member is found to be in violation of the rules by Grounded Growth staff, they will be issued a warning point.  After three warning points, the member’s account will be suspended.  At this point, the suspended member must have a consultation with Grounded Growth staff prior to re-establishing the account.

Thank you in advance for your compliance with these rules and tone. If you have any questions, please contact Grounded Growth staff at info@ourgroundedgrowth.com